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Crazy Enough

Posted in Inspiration by apostadayfromthefuture on January 27, 2009

I am crazy enough to think I can change the world.

I may not be able to do it alone, I may not be eligible for the Nobel, I may belong to a third world country where bombs go off with an alarming frequency, I may not have electricity half the day, My country may be perpetually at the brink of war and you may think I’m a small fish in the big bad sea.

Now you know why I’m ‘crazy’ enough to think I can change the world.

But a look at who inspires me will answer why I do. No – Its not Mother Teresa or Chris Langan or Einstein or anyone of those ridiculously famous people. My inspiration comes from these three:

1. Craig Tanimoto

2. The Song Woman

3.  Mazhar-ul-Haq Hydri

1. Craig Tanimoto

Tanimoto is the copywriter behind the Think Different Campaign by Apple. Its a hard one to miss, but for those of you who have, I have a link to it posted in my BlogRoll. When you see that clip, what moves you is that you forget the grander scheme of things involved, that the clip is infact a TV Commercial and that its for Apple. The words, so beautifully enunciated by Richard Dreyfuss give me hope in life, in heroes and in my potential as a human to change the world.

2. The Song Woman

Every fortnight, a Pathan woman comes to my house singing in a voice that could enthrall millions. Her face heavily lined by the suffering of past years,  never paints a pitiful picture. She never begs, but asks for only what she deserves and has, despite living in the slums maintained her dignity, by standing apart from fellow dwellers who beg in the name of God. It is because of her that I know there is always a way to be different, to defy restraining conventions and to purposefully stand apart.

3. Mazhar-ul-Haq Hydri

He was my Google before it was invented. He hardly cleared his tenth grade but he knows more about Chemistry, Physics, Gardening, the Black Hole and Nutrition than an average Phd would.  He did nothing extraordinary that he should be remembered for. His legacy, instead, is the knowledge that commitment always wins over the odds.  It is because of my grandfather, that today I know that it may be hard, but it will never be impossible.

These three people taught me the importance of knowing that I can make a difference. And through this blog, I want to learn from more – It is the beginning of profiling people, events, technologies and phenomenons that have the power to impact our future –  in a way that changes our world.

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